Spring 2017 Newsletter – Closing and Classrooms


Scott Fussell

It’s hard to believe, but the bulk of the spring conference schedule has come and gone and the end of another school year is just around the corner. And while those realities set in, the CSL teaching team is staying busy preparing content on a variety of timely tools, topics, and trends. Whether you’re a campus professional, a headquarters staff member, a volunteer, or a house director, you’ll want to stay connected in the coming weeks as our faculty and partners deliver a series of articles and webinars designed to provide best practices geared to help you better manage your facility and the experience unfolding within it. In this edition of the newsletter, we’re shining a light on the summer shutdown process by providing an overview of our upcoming “Closing for Summer” webinar. You’ll also find a preview of our insurance basics webinar we’ll be presenting with our partners at MJ Insurance – Sorority Division. Want to know more? Keep scrolling! Interested in a specific yet-to-be-covered topic? Please reach out to our team! We want to hear from you!

Thanks as always for your partnership and, especially, for all you do to support the experience and the students who call our chapter houses home. With that, please enjoy the beauty of the Spring season, the remainder of the school year, and this edition of The Head and the Heart!

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Closing Time

Closing Time: Time to Go Back to the Places You Will Be From

Amy Jo Gabel

Packing bags and waving goodbye does not a house closing make. As we all know, there’s so much more to it than that. For students to leave on a high note and for the home to be fully prepared for summer, it’s critically important we have a detailed plan. This includes clarity in terms of what we need to learn as students move out, precise steps to secure the home post student departure, and how to properly prepare the facility for “off season” projects such as upgrades and renovations. Below we’ve detailed a timeline and tasks list to assist with the process, so we all have a better understanding of the importance and fundamentals of preparing the chapter house for summer.


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Education and Training

Back to Basics

Later this month, be on the lookout for our Insurance Basics webinar. The session will be hosted by CSL’s Director of Marketing and Education, Scott Fussell, and will feature Sara Sterley of MJ Insurance as lead presenter.


The goal of the session is to provide our “students” with a foundational understanding of what and who is covered, trends in the industry, and the resources that are available where you can learn more.

To accomplish these objectives, Sara will provide an overview of insurance programs, discuss the different types of coverage, and share her insights into claims, trends, and resources.

Keep an eye on your inbox and CSL’s social media feeds for more information on this important topic and session availability.

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Summer Projects are Around the Corner

Are new builds, summer projects, or renovations around the corner for you and your team? We can help! Check out the new and improved CSL Project Management page ( to learn more about our team and project management practice. Our PM staff works incredibly hard to create an atmosphere of organization and partnership with all parties involved. Whether it’s a new build, a renovation, or a one room (more…)

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Fall 2016 Newsletter


‘Tis the season…

Scott Fussell… for college football, tailgates, family weekends and pumpkin spice lattes. We hope you’re enjoying all of the above. Team CSL certainly is! We’re also enjoying one of the most incredible semesters in recent memory. Over the past six weeks, we’ve wrapped up (and even started!) multiple renovation projects, assessed chapter facilities from the Big 10 to the Pac 12, and put a bow on multiple new builds students are now calling home. All of that is in addition to our regular chapter visits and opportunities to serve and support. Yes, it’s been a busy fall season, but one we’re grateful for, excited about, and continue to thoroughly enjoy.

One of the opportunities we’ve especially appreciated is our ongoing partnership with the Alpha Psi Chapter of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Florida. Many moons ago I had the privilege of (more…)

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Dr. Peterson Will See You Now

Dr. Peterson Will See You Now

Getting to know Pete…and your Chapter house

Vibrant glowEver see a doctor for a physical or a trainer for an assessment of your current health and fitness? Sure you have!  It would be crazy not to, right? When was the last time you considered doing the same for your chapter house? With an infrastructure that may be aging and needs that are growing in complexity, it’s becoming more and more important that we continue to monitor the health of our chapter facilities and their ability to meet the needs of our members. That’s where Jeff Peterson comes in.

Jeff – or “Pete” as he’s known to friends and fraternity brothers – joined CSL Management as Director of Assessments and Project Management in 2015. In this role, he has firmly established himself as the bravest member of the CSL family due to his willingness to go places inside chapter houses most would never consider. Crawl spaces? Check. Way behind the seventy-year-old boiler in the belly of the chapter house? Not a problem. And that sketchy area you wouldn’t enter without a hazmat suit? Check that one too. Jeff has more than ten years of construction management and property assessment experience under his belt and has used this expertise to take our facility assessment (more…)

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Chapter Spotlight

Chapter Spotlight

Delta Delta Delta, University of Florida

Scott Fussell, Director of Marketing and Education


There’s Something Different About That Place

It’s not uncommon for volunteers and leadership consultants to quickly develop a knack for identifying the performance level and culture of a chapter shortly after entering the house. Well, the team at CSL seems to be picking up on this “sixth sense” as well.  And while we typically stick to assessing the physical facility, sometimes it’s impossible for us not to recognize what’s happening culturally and relationally as well. Such was the case a few months ago when Director of Assessments and Project Management, Jeff Peterson visited the Tri Delta chapter at the University of Florida in Gainesville. When asked about his time at 1134 E. Panhellenic Drive, Jeff simply said, “There’s just something different about the place – the chapter, the facility itself. Something good is (more…)

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Service Update

Service Update 

Central Office Opens

Amy Jo Gabel, Director of Client Experience

Did you know CSL Management opened a new central office in Cleveland, Tennessee? The “CO” will serve as the nerve center of our service organization and will be open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm Eastern time with the phone line also being managed for after-hours emergency calls.

If you’re not already doing so, please call or email the office with any needs that may arise at your facility. The office will be staffed by two Operations Coordinators who will ensure your requests are responded to in a timely manner and efficiently tracked to completion. You may reach an Operations Coordinator at the Central Office by calling (423) 584-6454 or emailing  (more…)

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Word Around the Chapter House

Word Around the Chapter House… 

The Latest from CSL’s Social Pages


Want to win easy money for your organizat-ion’s foundation? Yes? Then be sure to check out CSL’s Instagram and Facebook feed every Friday from now through the end of the spring term. Each week we’ll feature one of #PetesPictures from a chapter house visited by assessment guru, Jeff Peterson.

Be the first to identify the school and organization and we’ll send a hundred bucks to the fraternity or sorority foundation of your choice. We’re not kidding. It’s that easy. (more…)

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Closing Time

Closing Time

You Don’t Have to Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here (During Winter Break)

Steve Ratterman, Founding Partner

SteveYour members don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here…during winter break at least. (Just our recommendation anyway.) Not sure about you, but I’m finding it hard to believe we’re already into October! Knowing the days are quickly flying by, it’s time to start putting plans in place to ensure we’re prepared for the upcoming winter break. To help prep your facility for the break that’s just around the corner, please use the following guide as a resource to help ensure your home, belongings, and projects are well taken care of during the time away.

Preparing Your Chapter house for Winter Break (more…)

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