Long Term Engagements

Daily Operations Management

CSL partners with organizations to assist with the operations of chapter facilities to ensure the homes run safely, smoothly, and cost effectively. From our team, you can expect a steadfast commitment to assisting your organization’s efforts to fulfill both your strategic and day to day housing obligations with tenacity and confidentiality. Ultimately, we want to serve as a valued partner to you and the organization as you strive to support a residential experience that fosters a sense of community, continuity, and connection; an experience that is uniquely accessible within the halls of your chapter(s). We appreciate our role in supporting this opportunity, the lessons available through it, and the long and successful working relationships we share with the staffs and volunteers we are privileged to support. One of our primary goals is to simplify and support your day to day tasks, objectives, and projects. To accomplish this, each property is assigned an operations team consisting of an Operations Manager and an Operations Specialist who will serve as the property’s primary contacts. As issues arise, House Directors or other on-site contacts place work order requests with our central office who will then funnel the details to the assigned operations team. On a day to day basis, this is the primary mode of operations. However, throughout the year our clients can expect us to engage through property assessments, capital expenditure forecasting and reporting, customer experience check-ins, education sessions, life safety inspection updates, and the like. (Learn more here.) We’re excited to get started, to support you on this journey, and to help you ensure a four year experience becomes a lifelong one.

At a high level, here’s what we do…

  • Tracking and compliance of Life Safety inspections
  • Manage preventive maintenance of each facility
  • Coordination of repair and maintenance of each facility
  • Manage ongoing vendor contracts
  • Support winter and summer break maintenance
  • Support opening (move-in) and closing (move-out) process upon request
  • Review invoices depending upon predetermined spending thresholds
  • Recruit, train, and support House Directors
    • Assist in recruitment through job postings and initial interviews
    • Coordinate and facilitate house director training
    • Serve as primary point of contact for day-to-day house operations


Perhaps you’re not quite ready for day to day management, but need support developing your plans for extension/expansion? Maybe you’re still trying to determine how your organization can most effectively organize its board or national housing organization? With experience on over 250 campuses and with 30+ NPC and NIC organizations, there’s a good bet we can help. Here are a few of the topics we frequently consult on…

Consulting Services Overview

  • Assist in identifying efficient means and methods of operations for national and local house corporations
  • Analysis of strategic acquisitions including identifying and evaluating
  • Identify land for new builds and extension/expansion opportunities
  • Knowledge transfer/lessons learned from campuses where we have established relationships

General Inquiry:  info@cslmanagement.com

Phone: Steve Ratterman: 423-284-2851  |  Woody Ratterman: 615-815-5958  |  Scott Fussell: 317-376-3793  |  Support: 423-584-6454

Email: info@cslmanagement.com  |  steve@cslmanagement.com  |  woody@cslmanagement.com  |  scott@cslmanagement.com  |  service@cslmanagement.com

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