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Welcome to the CSL quarterly newsletter – The Head and The Heart. The objective of this newsletter is to offer quarterly updates that a) provide ongoing – sometimes seasonal – tips on caring for your chapter house and b) give you a glimpse inside the experience of chapter house living and supporting those who call these residential “classrooms” home. Our intent is to offer content that is in alignment with our onsite and online training, the speaking engagements we participate in, and the overall experience we hope our clients and partners enjoy with the CSL brand and team.

Wondering about the name The Head and The Heart? Well, that title captures the primary objective behind all of our resource and educational offerings. We work diligently to provide tools that speak to the “nuts and bolts” of chapter house operations, but we also strive to provide tools to help you better support those “living in” as well. To that end, we work to provide training and information that truly connects to the head and the heart of those with whom we partner and support in ways big and small. This newsletter is one way we’re working to achieve this objective with greater intentionality and frequency.

With all that said, this is your publication, not ours. And for it to meet the needs of our readers, we need your feedback. We invite, welcome, and look forward to your thoughts and ideas via our blog comments sections, email or through social media. Thanks, in advance, for your contributions in this regard. We hope you enjoy The Head and The Heart.

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