Dr. Peterson Will See You Now

Getting to Know Pete...and Your Chapter House

Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson

Ever see a doctor for a physical or a trainer for an assessment of your current health and fitness? Sure you have!  It would be crazy not to, right? When was the last time you considered doing the same for your chapter house? With an infrastructure that may be aging and needs that are growing in complexity, it’s becoming more and more important that we continue to monitor the health of our chapter facilities and their ability to meet the needs of our members. That’s where Jeff Peterson comes in.

Jeff – or “Pete” as he’s known to friends and fraternity brothers – joined CSL Management as Director of Assessments and Project Management in 2015. In this role, he has firmly established himself as the bravest member of the CSL family due to his willingness to go places inside chapter houses most would never consider. Crawl spaces? Check. Way behind the seventy-year-old boiler in the belly of the chapter house? Not a problem. And that sketchy area you wouldn’t enter without a hazmat suit? Check that one too. Jeff has more than ten years of construction management and property assessment experience under his belt and has used this expertise to take our facility assessment practice – which now includes headquarters –  to a level of sophistication, relevance, and value unparalleled in the industry. In so doing, he’s also helped our client partners to provide an experience that is competitive, compliant, forward thinking, and most importantly, safe.


Jeff earned his BS in Aerospace Administration from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in 1994.While attending Middle, Jeff pledged Beta Theta Pi and almost singlehandedly made the chapter competitive on the fields and courts. Unofficially, he holds the title of “greatest flag football wide receiver in MTSU intramural history.” (He also serves as Social Chairman Emeritus.) A lifelong learner who is committed to professional development, Jeff is also a graduate of the Northwest Inspector Institute and currently holds a Home Inspectors License in the State of Tennessee. The same competitiveness and curiosity that served his chapter well as an undergraduate a “handful” of years ago, now drives him in his efforts to support our partners’ efforts to provide a competitive, world-class residential experience within the halls of their chapter facilities.

When asked how he got into the construction and property management industry, Jeff reflects on his experiences as a youngster helping his father build a lake house near their home in Atlanta. He’s had the construction and home improvement bug ever since, building a number of homes himself and inspecting north of 1000 residences in the mid-state region. Having had an incredible undergraduate experience himself, Jeff jumped at the opportunity to bring his skills and expertise to those supporting the fraternity/sorority movement, specifically the residential component of it.

To date, Jeff has assessed nearly 100 chapter facilities in the United States and Canada.  His schedule remains jam packed with no let-up in sight.  The value and service he brings to our clients, and ultimately to the students we support, cannot be overstated. Simply put, the facilities Jeff has had an opportunity to work with are safer and have a clearer capital improvement plan going forward because of his engagement.

Now ask yourself, “Is it time for a checkup?” If the answer is yes, call your doctor then your trainer. After doing so, ask the same question in regards to your facilities.  If yes is again the answer, make your next call to our friend, Pete.