Education and Consulting

Our education and consulting team empowers industry leaders with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to make fraternity, family, and fondness come to life, enabling clients to ensure a four year experience becomes a lifelong one.


The environment is changing. Students needs are changing. Parents expectations are changing. What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve? Who’s the go-to resource you lean on for strategic consultation, staff and volunteer development, or guidance integrating programming and the facility? Over the past decade, our education and consulting team has taught hundreds of house directors, volunteers, campus professionals, and headquarter staff members on everything from boilers to best practices. If staying ahead of the game, effectively managing and filling your home, serving your customers well, and meeting the needs of today’s students are all strategic priorities, we can help.


Consulting Services Overview

In addition to ongoing management support, we also offer consulting services, including special projects, campus planning, and strategic initiatives. These engagements are priced on a scope dependent basis and consists of, but are not limited to, the following…

  • Assist in identifying efficient means and methods of operation for the NHC and local corporations

  • Strategic planning and consultation for national and local house corporation boards

  • Consulting on development of Greek villages and other university driven fraternity and sorority housing projects

  • Analysis of strategic acquisitions including identifying and evaluating properties under consideration to be brought into the NHC or acquired by the local corporation

  • Campus and housing research for extension/expansion opportunities

  • Knowledge transfer on campuses where we have established relationships



Need a speaker or facilitator for your next event or someone to help provide education and development for your staff, volunteers, or house directors? Our teaching team may be able to support those training initiatives! We work to be knowledgeable on a wide range of campus and residential trends. Below are a few topics we’ve delivered for others.

  • The Customer Experience – A New Approach to Supporting and Retaining Your Residents

  • Creating a Better Experience…For Everyone – Top Ten Ways to Effectively Manage the Facility

  • What Happens When… – A Guide to Disaster Preparedness

  • The Five Whys of Facility Improvement – Project Planning and Management 101

  • Maximizing Your Investment – Preventive Maintenance Basics

  • The Tidal Wave Is Here – Trends in Fraternity and Sorority Housing

  • If These Walls Could Talk - What to Look for During a Daily Walk Through

  • Working with Today’s College Student…and Their Parents – An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • How’s Your House Doing (Financially)? – Facility Financial Planning 101

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s get creative! We’d love to tailor a session and help you preserve the experience through the development of your staff, volunteers and collegiate members.