Day to Day Operational Support


Our day to day management services improve and expand the residential experience, growing value and customer satisfaction in the process. Through efficient vendor and task management, inspection facilitation and documentation, and life safety support, we free the time and energy that enables you, your team, and your house director to focus on the students rather than the structure.



Your chapter house is a significant piece of your brand. The students who call it home? They’re paying customers. For your letters to be the brand you aspire it to be and for your customers to have the valuable, life-changing experience they’re paying for, we must closely monitor, maintain, and manage our facilities and quickly respond to their needs on a day to day basis. Our team comes alongside our clients daily ensuring this value is delivered through effective maintenance, resource management, life safety and preventative maintenance support, and project management. This enables us to provide a living historical record of the facility’s health and offers you the information you need to make sound, nimble investment decisions. And one more thing…Your passionate, principled volunteers and staff? They’re no longer fielding calls during dinner on Thursday night or as their daughter scores a goal during Saturday morning’s soccer game. Because we’re doing the heavy lifting day to day, they now have the time, energy, and desire to coach, mentor, and build into your collegiate members. So that volunteer shortage you’ve been discussing at every board meeting? We got you.


At a high level, here’s what we do…

  • Repair and maintenance coordination

  • Dedicated service line providing 24/7/365 support

  • Coordination and tracking of life safety inspections and occupancy requirements

  • Identify and manage preventive maintenance needs

  • Negotiate and manage vendor partnerships and contracts

  • Winter and summer maintenance planning and execution

  • Invoice approval and payment processing, including W9 and Certificate of Insurance tracking

  • House Director support services

    • Assist in recruitment through job postings and initial interviews

    • Serve as primary point of contact for day-to-day house operations

  • Annual site visits and board meeting participation when appropriate or upon request