If day to day management is our bread, consider project management our butter. It’s what we do. And we’re really good at it. Each member of our project management team had a life-changing undergraduate fraternity experience. We understand the role the facility plays in creating connection and community. Finding ways to make the chapter house feel like a chapter home is something we take extraordinary pride in. We know that features and amenities matter. By successfully completing over $50,000,000 in new builds and renovations in the past three years alone, our team is equipped with a full grasp of what makes a smart design. We’re also keenly aware of how a facility created and managed with the student experience uppermost in mind is the key to eliminating capacity related concerns. And finally, we understand renovations and new builds have incredibly sensitive time and financial implications. Our team has made a habit of partnering with strong, dependable contractors who do high quality work on time and within budget. By effectively managing each project and strategically supporting the experience and the student, we believe we play a key role in turning a four year experience into a lifelong one.

Further, our team works incredibly hard to create an atmosphere of organization and partnership with all parties involved. Whether it’s a new build, a renovation, or a one room refresh, we work with the architects, designers, and contractors to ensure everyone fully understands the end game, the experience we’re working to provide in the place or space. As importantly, we coordinate and communicate in such a way that everyone engaged in the project understands the timing and financial implications of beginning and ending the project on time and within budget. Sound good? Connect with our business development team to put our experience managing projects – ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000,000 – to work for your new build or renovation!

Here are a few examples of opportunities where we've helped clients do just that...

Project Lead:    Woody Ratterman

Project Lead:

Woody Ratterman

Alpha Omicron Pi

Oklahoma State University

  • Scope – New build

  • Assisted with sourcing land and navigating variance approval process for over five parcels of land

  • Vetted and managed architect, interior design, and construction partners

  • Home features chapter and dining rooms capable of supporting 300+ members, as well as a meditation room and multiple study spaces

Project Lead:    Jeff Peterson

Project Lead:

Jeff Peterson

Alpha Xi Delta

University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Scope – Renovation of a boarding house in historic district in preparation of chapter recolonization

  • Managed design and construction process

  • Home features include addition of a three story bathroom tower, exterior fire escape, commercial kitchen, dining room, and preservation of original spiral staircase

Project Lead:    Steve Ratterman

Project Lead:

Steve Ratterman

Gamma Phi Beta

University of Michigan

  • Scope – Renovation of chapter house for recolonization of single letter chapter

  • Managed design and construction process, navigating city and regulatory agency challenges

  • Home features new exterior elevation and expansion, life safety improvements, new bathrooms, and additional beds

Project Lead:    Jeff Peterson

Project Lead:

Jeff Peterson

Alpha Chi Omega

Texas A&M  

  • Scope – Renovation of existing chapter house

  • Managed all aspects of project, including vetting and selection of an interior designer and all subcontractors

  • Home now includes a new parking lot, interior sprinkler and fire suppression systems, and interior design upgrades to all common areas

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